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Handcrafted Smiles

We take pride in designing natural smiles that last and match your personality and look. We are both teeth people and people people, a perfect combination to ensuring a personalised smile for you. Come in and ask for a tour of our two purpose built facilities in Mt Pleasant and Parkwood that are equipped with state of the art technology, executed by trusted dental practitioners, to ensure you enjoy a handcrafted, convenient and carefree experience. Furthermore, we are open from 7.50 am to 7.50pm most weekdays.

Family Dental

We love seeing whole generations of families from tiny infants all the way to grandparents. We have children’s iPads and prizes to entertain the little ones, entire family visits after school and work for the efficient parent wanting their family healthy and fit, and wheel chair accessible surgeries with easy car parking for elderly. Most importantly, we have the same old fashioned caring team that understand your needs at the different stages of your life.

Preventative Care

Whilst we love making wonderful smile transformations and helping people out of dental trouble, we really love equipping you to be confident in your smile by keeping your own natural teeth healthy, white and beautiful. We believe in regular 6 monthly assessments and supportive maintenance visits to keep your oral health in optimal shape. You can expect comprehensive, well communicated and gentle advice and care from our highly educated team committed to stopping problems before they happen.

Technology Driven Smiles

We are a modern dentist with a twist. We use the healthiest, most natural looking and strongest materials and techniques to breathe life into smiles that may be worn and damaged, tired-looking, crooked and decayed. All this is made possible by our commitment to using the latest in photographic and radiographic imaging technology to communicate and fabricate your teeth conveniently in front of your eyes and on the same appointment.

What We Do

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Our mission is to make you smile when you’re here and keep you smiling when you leave.

Mt Pleasant

Level 1, Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre
37-39 Reynolds Road
Mt Pleasant WA 6153


59 Vellgrove Avenue
Parkwood WA 6147

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Monday – Thursday 7.50am – 7.30pm
Friday 7.50am – 5pm

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